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Nov 13 2013

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Bible (KJV) (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump; paragraphed)


Bible (KJV) (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump; paragraphed)

Bible (KJV) (best navigation with Direct Verse Jump; paragraphed) Rating:
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Product Description

Looking for the best KJV Bible for your Kindle? You’ve just found it!

This Kindle edition by OSNOVA is often called “a golden standard” and “a cut above” for three main reasons:

- The unique navigation method, called DVJ (Direct Verse Jump), allows a reader to open any Bible verse in mere seconds. DVJ works flawlessly on the majority of Kindle products.

- The rigorously proofread text is true to printed editions of the KJV, free from typos and OCR errors, with formatting (italics, small caps in LORD, etc.) true to the standard KJV. The text, notes, and book titles are carefully preserved. Jesus’s words are in bold, and the original translators’ notes are included.

- The text is in paragraph format for cohesion of the text (if you prefer the traditional verse-per-line format, please purchase the KJV Bible ASIN B002TG4P8Q from OSNOVA).

As any Kindle book, this KJV Bible is also searchable by word or phrase. However, this Bible will need time to be indexed by Kindle when first installed to be fully functional (indexing could take a long time), and both the search function and the DVJ navigation will be available only after the book has been fully indexed.

NOTE: For those devices that do not support DVJ (Kindle Fire, Kindle 1 and software Kindle programs, such as those for PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android), a highly efficient system of hyperlinks has been designed for the ease of navigation. Additionally, this Bible is not text-to-speech friendly due to the way TTS works on the Kindle.


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